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WHIPLASH | මෙහෙම ගුරුවරු එපා | movie review sinhala | film review sinhala | sinhala movie review

Title: WHIPLASH | මෙහෙම ගුරුවරු එපා | movie review sinhala | film review sinhala | sinhala movie review
Rating: 5.00
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Published Date: 2022-10-25 13:30:04
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2014 ‧ Drama/Music ‧ 1h 47m

Rotten Tomatoes
92% liked this film
Google users
Andrew enrols in a music conservatory to become a drummer. But he is mentored by Terence Fletcher, whose unconventional training methods push him beyond the boundaries of reason and sensibility.
Release date: 2014 (USA)
Director: Damien Chazelle
Awards: Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing, MORE
Budget: 3.3 million USD
Nominations: Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing, MORE
Box office: 49 million USD

Cast : Miles Teller , J. K. Simmons , Paul Reiser , Melissa Benoist , Austin Stowell , Nate Lang , Michael D. Cohen
මේ වගේ වීඩියෝ දිනපතා නරඹන්න අපේ Youtube Channel එක Subscribe කරලා සෙට්
ඒ වගේම යහළුවන්ටත් බලන්න Share කරන්නත් අමතක කරන්න එපා.

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